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We have a database of over 4000 candidates all who work within the field of Education and currently over 200 candidates registered with us who are actively looking for a new role across The Midlands.

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ESL Teacher

Reference: 54338715

This candidate is an experienced freelance ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) online tutor and translator for private students with experience working with students of all ages in the UK. She has worked across Germany and France in a range of different language schools, as well as various universities with experience in different environments with different abilities. She is fluent in multiple languages E.G French, German, Italian and has extremely good knowledge in the use of Microsoft office. Additionally, she has taught at all ages across children, young adults and professionals, as well experience in proofreading texts and doing translations from French and German into English.

Design & Technology Teacher

Reference: 65998280

This candidate has always held a life-long aspiration to become a teacher and now as a trainee DT teacher they are steadily getting closer to achieving this aspiration. They are a teacher that believes DT is the perfect balance of science, technology and creativity. A key strength of this candidate is that they can consider many of the ways in which learning is relatable to children and practical nature. Qualified with a PGCE SCITT teacher training (DT) with 11 GCSE’s and distinctions, this candidate boasts many impressive qualifications. This candidate’s versality and adaptability is perfect for a subject like DT with its many areas and branches. This Candidate believes that a teacher underpins the significance of supporting children in becoming hard working, passionate and imaginative learners.


Primary School Teacher

Reference: 88060384

A motivated individual who is highly enthusiastic, reliable, and adaptable, that recently completed a PGCE in primary education (Post Graduate Certification Education) teaching KS1/ KS2 lessons to primary school pupils, with a sound understanding of the national curriculum and how to meet expectations set by schools and Ofsted as well as 1 to1 intervention experience. Completed (BA) Hons Education Studies and English with a 2:1 with 9 GCSEs passed.

Teaching Assistant/cover Supervisor

Reference: 59343621

A self-motivated, ambitious hard-working graduate, this candidate has experience working within cultural backgrounds and works well with all ages and abilities. She has achieved a BSc in information system management and has completed her level 3 award in education and training (PTTSLS). A reliable and proactive individual, this candidate is passionate with what she does and aspires to successfully become a fully qualified teacher and holds aspirations of being a role model who encourages young people to open their minds, seek knowledge, and make meaningful contributions to society. She has 150 hours of completed teaching in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), employability skills and various other skills for students ages 16 and over.

1:1 Teaching Assistant learning support

Reference: 17179209

A hard working and determined individual. Thirst for knowledge and new experiences. This candidate believes that all children are capable to do anything if they are given the right guidance. She has a BA(Hons) Special Educational Needs And Childhood And Family Studies as a first class Honours Degree. This candidate can pick up the routine of a work environment very quickly and then adapt herself accordingly. She is not afraid to ask questions when unsure of something in a work environment as that is how she feels she will improve.

Learning Support Assistant

Reference: 47537790

A candidate who is bright and receptive person, able to communicate well with people at all levels, with a friendly and approachable manor, This candidate is a confident person with great communication skills, who is very committed and well motivated individual with a positive outlook towards work and willing to do more. This candidate has a lot of experience working with with children who have an EHCP or SEN.


Design and Technology Teacher

Reference: 35955710

A qualified and experience teacher with 15 years of teaching, and a solid track record of mentoring student to assist them in meeting their individual learning goals and to feel valued. They have a Level 4 in further education teaching and a post graduate certification in education. In a previous position this candidate introduced the concept of interactive teaching to where they worked, which resulted in an enrolment increase of 75%. They also increased the number of assignments on time by 40% by employing a group studies initiative and earned learners trust by resolving learner complaints in a confidential, sensitive and polite manner.

Head Teacher

Reference: 54067041

The first to be elected as chair of the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) from a primary school background, which included running conferences and workshops for secondary English Teachers across the country, and has been invited to be Keynote speaker at similar conferences around the world from Singapore to Seattle. As the Chair Elect of the National Association for the Teaching of English they promoted good practise in the teaching and learning of English. They have worked as the headteacher of three primary school, as well as teaching other subjects over the years with numerous experiences.


Health and Social Care Lecturer

Reference: 49397210

A highly motivated and versatile individual with a lot of experience as a manager within the health and social care sector who is committed to meet all targets and objectives, with various completed training courses to their name such as First aid, Autism, Manual Handling, Health, and Safety etc. Thay also hold a NCFE Level 2 understanding Behaviour that Challenges qualification. They strive to maintain effective working relationships and communication with other social service and health care organisations and advocacy groups to ensure effective service delivery. They have been responsible for caseload of (45) learners and ensure as an assessor contact is made on monthly basis by telephone/email within policy guidelines.


SEND Teacher 

Reference: 33271523

A Dynamic calm and enthusiastic candidate who is qualified as a SEND teacher with experience in corporate environments. This candidate has a vast experience in meeting individual needs across the curriculum for students with a wide range of learning difficulties. They have taught Sen learners on personal and social development (PSD), Personal presentation (care and hygiene) alongside a level 3 teaching assistant. This candidate uses differentiated lesson plans, Makaton and widgets in the lesson deliveries to enable learners to enjoy lessons and have a better understanding of the topic.

Health and social care

Reference: 37498246

An efficient and initiative-taking individual with a caring attitude, this candidate can boast broad industry experience including teaching/lecturing for health and social care in colleges and pastoral care in their community. They have a bachelor’s degree of Art in Social care and PGCE post compulsory education. They have over 6 years working in the health and social sector and strive to always be a caring, compassionate and active listener. They also can identify children who need additional support and co-ordinate this with key partners.

West Midlands

Primary School Teacher

Reference: 94751105

A hard-working candidate who is currently a primary school teacher and has had several years working as a SEND (Special Education Needs and Disabilities) teacher, with extensive experience within the education sector. This candidate is highly experienced with supervising all year groups, and has a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). This candidate is a reliable individual that can use her own initiative or work as part of a team to achieve equal results. They approach their work in a practical and tactical manner with the aim to support everyone’s individual needs. They also hold multiple certificates in Bereavement and Loss, Autism Awareness, Children and Young People's Workforce, Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, and First Aid.

French Teacher

Reference: 76784215

A disciplined teacher that seeks to continue their teaching career, with a background as an MFL teacher, teaching to Arabic speakers and other pupils from different background. They have experience leading Algerian pupils in a private institution, and is skilled in integrating relevant technology to support classroom learning activities and maximizing learning comprehension. This candidate is fluent in French, Arabic and English languages, with BA degree in foreign languages and A levels specialising in foreign languages and literature.

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