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We have a database of over 4000 candidates all who work within the Manufacturing Sector and currently over 300 candidates registered with us who are actively looking for a new role across the UK. 

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Warehouse Supervisor

Reference: 11550098

This candidate is working for a large distribution centre where he is organising shifts, daily workload, allocating staff to tasks and prioritising workloads to meet deadlines. He works on a FEFO basis and has a constant eye on consumable levels to ensure they are kept at the required levels. He also supervises inventory for a number of blue chip customers.

Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Reference: 87536961

This candidate is working for a manufacturing company in the midlands. Within this role, he is completing all PPM Paperwork and reports to maintain accurate service records. He is hands on with all fault find PLC controlled processes and CNC machine issues.

Logistics Coordinator

Reference: 13566882

This candidate is working as a Logistics Coordinator for a firm managing the logistics of 150 cards per day, and 16 drivers throughout the UK. She is producing daily KPI Figures for management teams and involved in producing a maintenance schedule for the company vehicles. She allocates fuel cards and trade plates to vehicles and plans routes for the drivers.


Change Hand

Reference: 43911489

This candidate is working for a large manufacturing company where he is ensuring that his team of welders are doing their job correctly and helping them to build jogs for batch work. He delegates production responsibility, reports to management on performance, investigates and troubleshoots problems and stands in when needed.

Shift Manager

Reference: 32815471

This candidate is working for a large logistics company as a Shift Manager where he is leading a team within a sortation line. This role requires him to work to strict SLA's and KPI's. He is leading a team of up to 35 people on a shift, plus any agency staff.

Multiskilled Maintenance Engineer

Reference: 07118203

This candidate is working for a company than manufacture household waste carrying products, and is responsible for reactive maintenance. He works on mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components and also works with the whole maintenance team on short and long term maintenance projects.


Production Manager

Reference: 85564512

This candidate is managing 23 people on a day to day basis running a workshop consisting of 100+ machines. Within his role, he is looking at daily/ weekly production schedules, staff levels and managing the holiday rota to ensure there is enough people on shift to cover production. He addresses all training requirements, all H&S and ensures that the day is set up to reduce downtime.

Transport and Logistics Administrator

Reference: 84171579

This candidate is working for a logistics company as the transport administrator where it is his role to ensure all products are dispatched on time, in full and at the correct time. He is hands on with all invoicing and uses the bespoke inhouse IT system for any transport queries and requests.

Test and Development Technician

Reference: 90042941

This candidate is working for an engine technology and manufacturing company where he is building and testing prototype engine generators. He looks at the QC of prototype and production parts, builds & Commissions electrical panels, runs engine test rigs and FFR with engine issues.


Night Shift Manager

Reference: 87412075

This candidate is working as a night shift manager for a company going through a period of change at present. He is involves in a new project standardising the processes across multiple sites to ensure that each independent site works to a national company standard.

PM Shift Manager

Reference: 26001593

This candidate is the afternoon shift manager for an independent main, parcel & logistics service company, providing end to end operations and next day delivery for mission critical and high value items. He leads and manages all aspects of the shift to ensure an accurate sortation of goods, is responsible for setting KPI's, and manages interactions with customers.

Quality Engineer

Reference: 93822334

This candidate has over 12 years experience of working as a Quality Engineer across the Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and Maine Sectors. He is fully skilled on ISO9001 and is trained in 8D problem solving and 5Why.


Design Engineer

Reference: 81989787

This candidate is working for a safety company where he is designing lightbars for emergency vehicles. Responsibilities include: 3D Modelling using Solidworks, editing CAD Drawings in InDesign, circuit board design and circuitry construction. This role requires him to communicate with members from every part of the design process.

TIG/ MIG Welder

Reference: 91878585

This candidate is a fully qualified experienced welder with over 30 years experience in the industry. He is able to work on a number of different applications: Hospital, lab, mortuary equipment, steels (stainless, mild, aluminium), pipework, tanks, frames and works to ISO standards.

Shipping Manager

Reference: 58880314

This candidate is working as a Shipping Manager for a large multinational retail group where he has successfully set up a new logistics flow and regulatory compliance for new international hubs across the world. He is collaborating with 3PL, warehousing and merchandising departments to ensure performance and compliance are adhered to, and also monitors KPI's across his departments.

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