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September 28th, 2022

So, you are looking for a new role and you have decided to engage the services of recruitment agents. Here are some key tips that we have learnt from years of working within the industry:

  • Do not register with more than three agencies. If you decide to spread your wings and sign up to a stack of agencies, you run the risk of your CV being sent multiple times for single jobs. Businesses frown on individuals from whom they receive more than one CV. It makes you look disorganised and, frankly, desperate. I have had feedback many times from clients about receiving multiple CVs and it is never complimentary.
  • Research the recruitment company before you engage with them. Are they specialists in the sector you work in? Do they employ people who are specialists in these areas? If the answer is yes to both of these, then you are far more likely to receive a good, well-informed, professional service. If not, then your CV will simply be flung around a whole host of companies for roles you are simply not properly matched to. 
  • Be honest with any recruitment company you are working with regarding your association with other recruiters. This will assist in them making far better strategic decisions around where to send your CV. Different recruitment companies have close working relationships with different businesses, so this will ensure you network across a wide range of appropriate roles without causing recruiters to tread on one another’s toes in the process.