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May 23rd, 2024

Staff Availability:

A look at the availability of permanent and temporary staff and how this has changed over the previous month.

Fastest growth in candidate supply for five months:

There was another sharp increase in candidate numbers during April, with the rate of growth accelerating to the steepest recorded by the survey since last November. Growth has now been registered for 14 months in a row. Permanent and temporary candidate supply increased at similarly sharp rates in April.

Permanent and temporary vacancies:

Permanent staff vacancies declined for an eighth month running in April. The rate of contraction was however modest and continued to soften on February’s 37-month
record. Demand for temporary workers meanwhile fell for the third month running but only marginally and to the weakest degree in the current sequence.

Permanent staff availability up to greater degree:

April’s survey data signalled a stronger rise in permanent staff availability, with the rate of growth improving to its highest level for five months. Panellists commented that a high
number of redundancies alongside a greater number of people looking for work bolstered permanent staff availability. There were strong increases in permanent staff availability recorded across all English regions. The steepest rate of growth was recorded in the capital, and the slowest in the Midlands.

Temp staff availability rises at strongest rate since the end of 2020:

Temporary candidate numbers continued to increase in April, extending the current period of growth to 14 months. Moreover, the rate of expansion accelerated, reaching its highest
level since December 2020. Anecdotal evidence suggested that reduced demand for staff, alongside increased volumes of redundancies, had led to the latest rise in candidate availability.
Candidate availability rose sharpest in London, followed by the South of England. Growth rates in the Midlands and North of England were relatively more modest, but nonetheless still marked.